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Luvv To Love Ya


Sarah was seeing her stepmother and they started talking about sex. She revealed to her that her orgasms had been really weak lately. They had a fairly close relationship, so Kendra offered to help her by showing her a few things. The women had a bit of a laugh before Kendra told her she wanted to show her something. Then Kendra texted Sara’s boyfriend to come and fuck them both. Sarah was surprised, but saw that it was about it. He said it would be in ten minutes. Meanwhile, Kendra took out toys to help Sarah achieve orgasm. In the blink of an eye, she started screaming and squirming. Soon her man stood at the door with a hard man ready to join the action. You don’t want to miss a single moment when this hot MILF shows off her stepdaughter and boyfriend getting fucked by a real pro. Kendra really takes control and shows how much experience matters.

Date: November 18, 2020