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Game Changer


Zoe Bloom reintroduced her friend Ashly Anderson to her step-brother Bambino. Ashly was immediately opened by Bambino and he tried to surpass his high score. The girl wanted to play with him, but Bambino insisted that he play solo. When Zoe ran to the toilet, Ashly saw an opportunity to distract him. She slid onto the bed and slid her hand on his thigh, making him stiff. When Zoe returned from the pit stop, Ashly hid under the bed so her friends would not see her sucking her stepbrother. Bambino gave up the controller that Zoe thought was weird. Soon after, she uncovered the truth of the mystery. Zoe was tired at first, but Ashley was the expert who persuaded her friends to join her. Zoe leaned forward tentatively and found that his mouth was full of stepbrother’s hardness. The girls took off their clothes and promised to share Bambino while fulfilling each other.

Date: April 3, 2021