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Dick Takers


Tony came over earlier to meet his girlfriend Kelly Greene, but she has not yet returned home. Her stepmother was there to let him in. Cherie Deville welcomed this, she wanted to suck his ball through his dick. She was really close to him and made sure he felt the heat. She let him rest in the living room while he waited for Kelly to go home in a few minutes. Cherie went to shower and freshen up. As she shaved her pussy, she couldn’t help but rub her clitoris. She started dreaming about something and got very upset. She called Tony to help her with something. He was surprised by what he saw, but amazed at Cherie’s beauty. She started saying something about how she forgot the towel, but all she wanted was a hard cock instead. When he deepened his throat, Kelly returned home. She got a surprise and took it very badly. Cherie, being mature and experienced, took control of the situation. Besides, she still wanted to come. She explained the simplicity of the youngsters’ drama and they kissed to make up. This stepmother’s kiss with her daughter was the gateway to a whole new relationship. These three turned into one hot experience for the bride and groom as Cherie showed them how to get their satisfaction.

Date: November 25, 2020