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Bang It Out


Ryland Ann went home, no one was there. She went to the bathroom to find change. Parker Swayze and her date, Sean, return to where they had kissed each other. Parker started sucking and fucking his cock in front of the front door. When she realized that her roommate daughter Ryland was staying there temporarily, she stopped. They continued to move in Parkes’ bedroom. Leyland walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. She heard moaning from another room and turned on her phone. She lies on the sofa and plays with the wet cat. She sneaked into the room and began to monitor them while masturbating. Parker noticed her and asked what she was doing. Ryland was embarrassed at first, but Sean asked her to join, and soon after, she sucked his cock while Parker was licking her pussy. They take turns playing with their cat. Parker got the man’s juice on his pussy, and Lyland licked it.

Date: November 28, 2020